Topicals are also referred to as CBD or hemp balms, lotions, salves, butters or ointments (just to name a few).

For any aches and pains that you (or your pet) may have, Receptra Naturals have an impressive range or targeted topicals and they also have a CBD infused body oil range. They have even formulated a 0% THC targeted topical for those having concerns about THC due to employment regulations or other limitations.

receptra naturals targeted topical

The targeted CBD topicals form Receptra Naturals are cannabidiol-infused and are absorbed through the skin (transdermally). Their products are formulated with organic and full-spectrum CBD oil.

Once the CBD is absorbed into the skin, they bind to the body's cannabinoid receptors, which lie directly under the skin. This then activates the body's Endocannabinoid System.

They offer local, targeted relief from soreness, discomfort and irritation. Penetrating only locally, they make the ideal delivery method for topical relief.

The Receptra Naturals CBD topicals are infused with additional natural and organic ingredients:

  • Arnica and Camphor – to assist with absorption as well as swelling and bruising and often accompanies minor injuries.
  • Jojoba Oil – to nourish and moisturize rough and irritated skin.

Jasmine and ylang ylang also provide a seriously nice natural scent.

The Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical range includes:

  • Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical 0% THC
  • Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical – 800 mg/ jar (2.5oz)
  • Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical – 400 mg/ jar (1.25oz)

You can find the testimonials of many happy customers on their website and you can even use them on your pets.

The Receptra Naturals targeted topicals come highly recommended from the Organic CBD Oil Review Team.


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