It's only natural that if you consider your pet to be part of your family, then you might want to consider CBD oil for your dog as well.

The Receptra Naturals range of CBD pet tinctures could be the perfect fit for your dog. They have a small but high quality range of organic and full-spectrum CBD tinctures for most pets (dogs, cats, birds and other furry friends) to maintain mood and energy or support muscle and joint health

Receptra Pet Tincture for Dogs

Receptra Naturals have identified that CBD works similarly for us and our furry friends.

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The same Endocannabinoid System found in the human body is also found in any animal with vertebrae. Cannabidiol actually activates our cannabinoid receptors, making CBD a natural way to proactively care for you and your pet's health and well-being.

However, dogs possess more cannabinoid receptors (CB1) in the brain than humans and for this reason are extremely sensitive to the potentially toxic effects of THC. [1].

Fortunately the best organic CBD oil for dogs has zero or only trace amounts of THC. For more information on the best CBD oil for dogs – take a look at our article HERE.

Experts recommend using the liquid form of CBD for your pets, so Receptra Naturals provide CBD pet tinctures that have low THC concentrations and come in two different strengths.

  1. Receptra Pet Tincture 16mg/dose (1oz) – Recommended for small pets (e.g small dogs) up to 40 lbs, CBD potency of 16mg per dose.
  2. Receptra Pet Tincture 25mg/dose (1oz) – Recommended for larger pets (e.g larger dogs) up to 40 lbs, CBD potency of 25mg per dose.

They have formulated their low THC CBD tincture for dogs, just like they have for humans. It is made from CBD oil extraction of dried organic hemp flowers, dissolved in food-grade alcohol. This extraction is then evaporated, leaving only the hemp flower extract. Their products are made with organic and full-spectrum CBD and to read about why that is so important – go HERE.

Their CBD tinctures are made from natural and organic ingredients (including organic MCT oil and hemp extract) and contains a high fatty acid content. This provides a number of health benefits for your dog such as supporting muscle and joint health and pet anxiety.

They recommend that you administer the CBD tincture in their favorite treat or directly into the mouth. You need to be careful though not to stick the glass dropper into the mouth of your pet. You can start with 1/4 of a dropper 1 to 2 times a day. And then over a few days you can increase your pet’s dose until the desired benefit is obtained.

Based on the testimonials on their page and our quality review – the Receptra Naturals CBD tincture for dogs, comes highly regarded from Organic CBD Oil Review.


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