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With the majority of cannabinoid receptors located in our skin, the body’s largest organ plays a very important role in our overall well-being.

For this reason, Endoca released a popular skin care range for skin protection (antiseborrheic) and conditioning (antioxidant).

The Endoca skincare range includes a hemp salve with 250 mg to 750 mg of full spectrum CBD oil, which can be used as a topical on your face (including your lips) and body. Rich in natural oils and butters, it protects against environmental damage and can deliver targeted dryness relief amongst other benefits for your skin.

Endoca Hemp Salve Ingredients

The skincare range also includes a cbd infused cream which contains 300-1500 mg of CBD, and a hemp lip and skin balm with 20 mg of CBD.

Their organic skincare products are enriched with whole-plant hemp extracts, are GMO-FREE and free from toxins and other synthetic ingredients. The Endoca skincare range is produced under strict pharmaceutical control in their GMP certified labs.

Endoca believe that…

if you use something on your skin, you should be happy to put it in your mouth

For that reason they use only the purest, certified organic ingredients that are good enough to eat!

They help to ease muscle and joint inflammation and are also great for skin conditioning as a deep moisturiser for dry, chaffed or cracked skin. The hemp oil salve is reported to reduce evaporation and thus increase the moisture content of the skin.

The ingredients are food-grade and include shea butter, coconut oil and vanilla extracts. They are definitely not adult-only products, with children able to experience the medicinal benefits of CBD oil creams and salves as well.

We love the Endoca CBD salve (which has a thick and waxy emollient texture) because it can be used as a targeted topical treatment to relieve irritation and inflammation of your skin, muscles and joints at specific areas. 

Endoca’s CBD hemp salve can even soothe and calm irritated baby skin. So keep it in mind for any rashes that you or your baby may be suffering from.

The Endoca Hemp Salve has emollient properties, which makes it an ideal barrier cream. Containing Vitamin E, the Endoca CBD salve is also perfect for the sensitive skin on your neck and face. It is also great to put on your knees and elbows and for dry lips.

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The Endoca Hemp Salve (30ml) – is infused with 750mg of full spectrum CBD hemp extract.

The Endoca Hemp Salve (10ml) – is infused with 250mg of full spectrum CBD hemp extract.

These contain less than 0.2% THC and is entirely cruelty-free.

It is administered topically onto your skin and absorbs directly through the skin. It can be used day or night on both your face and body, but don't forget to avoid contact with your eyes.


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Are you ready to treat your skin to the nutrient-rich salve from the Endoca skincare range?

The Endoca Hemp Salve is infused with only high-quality whole-plant hemp extracts and has high CBD concentrations. It's great to have on hand and comes highly recommended by Organic CBD Oil Review.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know below…

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