Do you have a newfound interest for CBG Isolate (“the next CBD”) but don't know where to source a high quality product?

We’ve put this article together to assist you in understanding the basics of CBG (Cannabigerol) and how to buy a high quality CBG product from a reputable source.

Most of us are aware of the CBD (Cannabidiol) trend, particularly because it is fast becoming the ‘miracle' natural antidote for hundreds of ailments (1).

But what you may not know – is that there is a fantastic new trend emerging around yet another ‘non-psychoactive' component of the cannabis plant known as Cannabigerol or CBG for short (2).

In this article, were are going to explore what all the fuss is about and where you can buy high quality CBG…

What is CBG Isolate?

Cannabigerol is the non-acidic form of the Cannabigerolic acid, which is the parent molecule or stem cell that leads to the creation of other cannabinoids, including CBD and THC (3).

As the cannabis plant grows, the Cannabigerol converts into the other cannabinoids, primarily the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabichromenic acid (CBCA) and cannabidiol (CBD). At the end of the conversion, there is only about 1% of Cannabigerol left in the plant (4).

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Despite the relatively small amount, the CBG Isolate, which is the pure form of the Cannabigerol compound, is an ideal way to enjoy your CBG product.

Besides, isolates can be preferable for those wanting to avoid any exposure to the THC (psychoactive) component of the plant.

The best quality CBG products will contain no other additives, so there is the potential to add CBG isolate to food and beverages and even use it on your skin.

How is The CBG Isolate Extracted?

The concentration of Cannabigerol is generally very low in a hemp plant, so some people wonder about the possibility of deriving enough Cannabigerol extract for the CBG products available and the costs involved.

Because CBG is almost fully transformed at the maturity of the hemp plant, breeders generally focus on two main factors (1) genetics and (2) optimum CBG extraction.

Breeders are boosting the yields of CBG in the cannabis plant by using techniques such as crossbreeding experimentation.

They are also using complex technological processes and performing the CBG extraction at defined moments before full maturation of the hemp plant.

What Are The Benefits Of CBG?

Since 2018, several different organizations including the US government (5), have been championing research studies to unravel the mysteries of the benefits of the CBG strain. Many results have been astonishing.

The limited studies on humans and many studies on animals have shown promising results. The reported benefits of CBG are discussed below…

Regulates Mood and Blood Pressure

Already, studies show that CBG can assist with regulating mood because of its ability to boost the molecule responsible for putting the body in a calm and blissful state (6). This single property is also crucial for blood pressure regulation (7).

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

CBG is a potent neuroprotectant and may be beneficial in combating inflammatory bowel diseases, like Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease (8). Another study in 2015, on mice, suggests that it can help manage Huntington disease by protecting neurons, which would have otherwise degenerated with the onset of the condition(9).

Cancer Prevention and Management

It equally has cancer-fighting properties and may help with the prevention of colon cancer (10). It reportedly works by blocking the receptors responsible for cancer growth. Studies have equally shown that CBG can combat weight loss and muscle wasting, which are common issues witnessed in late-stage cancer and other chronic conditions (11).


Another study completed in 2008, suggests that CBG may be useful in treating glaucoma due to its ability to minimize intraocular pressure (12).

Appetite loss

A study on rats in 2016 suggests that CBG can boost appetite, which is beneficial for people struggling with particular ailments such as cancer and HIV (13).

Antibacterial Properties

CBG also shows promises as a supportive treatment option for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) (14). This is because of its antibacterial properties that can work against MRSA microbial strains, which has been resistant to several classes of drugs.

Bladder Dysfunction

CBG also holds promises for inhibiting muscle contractions and may be used in the future to prevent bladder dysfunction disorders (15).

Just like CBD, the CBG bestows all these amazing benefits by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to regulate hormones affecting physiological processes, including appetite, sleep, mood, pain, metabolism and many more (16).

Though these benefits have not been extensively studied and so are not yet confirmed, the CBG isolate has significant promise as a fantastic addition to your natural health care regimen.

Where to Buy CBG Isolate and Cannabigerol Oil?

Now you know all about the wonderful benefits of Cannabigerol and CBG Isolate, you may be wondering where you can buy CBG isolates.

When looking for the best CBG product to purchase, you must be careful about the quality of the CBG and the company behind it.

Due to issues with genetic manipulation and the complex extraction processes, Cannabigerol is more expensive to make than high quality CBD oil.

As a result, the market is full of CBG products promising more than they deliver.

The best brands to look out for must be third party tested, grown from organic hemp and provide full transparency on their website.

We have done all the hard research for you to find the most legitimate online store that sells high quality organic CBG oil.

Our recommendation is the Green Garden Gold One2One CBG product and we will discuss it further below…

Our Favourite CBG Product

The Green Garden Gold One2One CBG product is made from a fantastic blend of 500 mg of CBG to 500mg CBD Oil – all extracted from certified organic hemp grown in Colorado.

cbg products

Combined in that way, you can enjoy the full spectrum of all the amazing therapeutic benefits that CBG and CBD have to offer.

Made with modern technological and cultivation advances, this CBG product acts therapeutically on your Endocannabinoid System. Thereby providing all the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective benefits your body craves.

It can assist with alleviating pain, relieving stress, boosting focus and getting better quality sleep.

Dosage amounts can vary depending on your endocannabinoid system’s need. Green Garden Gold recommend that you take one full dropper of their CBG product twice a day after a meal. It can be put in a smoothie (or other beverage) or taken directly.

Here's the overview of our favourite Green Garden Gold CBG product:

  • CBD Content: 500 mg of CBG
  • CBG Content: 500 mg of CBD
  • Other Ingredients: MCT coconut oil
  • Available flavors: Natural hemp flavor
  • Third-party Testing: Yes (available on website)
  • Organic: Yes


Concluding Thoughts on CBG

CBG Isolate is a truly fantastic addition to the CBD family. In fact it is the precursor to CBD!

Being an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and mood and blood pressure regulator (just to name a few), CBG isolate could be a great addition to your daily health regime.

Nevertheless, always ensure that you purchase the highest quality organic CBG product from a reputable brand.

We are continually reviewing the best CBG isolate and CBD oil products on the market and will keep you updated on our findings…

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below – we would love to hear from you…



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