Did you know your endocannabinoid system is connected to your skin too?

Your skin is your largest organ and CBD Oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

cbd skin oil

The topical application of cannabidiol (CBD) allows direct reach to the receptors located throughout your skin and scientific evidence is mounting in support of CBD oil being beneficial for overall skin health and for several skin conditions.

CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, that belongs to a class called the cannabinoids.

Manufacturers of topical CBD oils and creams, combine the phytocannabinoid-rich CBD hemp extract, with other ingredients such as coconut oil, hemp oil, apricot kernel oil and essential oils.

Today, there is an excellent range of CBD oils and creams for skincare available on the market.

Whether you want a salve, facial serum, massage oil or sports cream – you will be able to find a high quality (preferably organic!) option to suit your needs.

So let's delve into the benefits of CBD oil when used as a topical on your skin. Then we will reveal some of our favorite and best CBD oil products for various skin conditions…

Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Skin

Most of us are aware of the incredible therapeutic benefits of CBD oil for many internal health conditions, however, not too many people are aware of the benefits of CBD oil when used externally on your skin.

Here are some of the most common benefits of using CBD Oil as a topical, that have been backed by research…


CBD can stop the overproduction of sebum production and limit the activation of inflammatory cytokines (“pro-acne” agents), which are the leading causes of acne (1, 2, 3).

It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe the redness and irritation associated with acne (4).


Early studies also suggest that CBD can help alleviate the itching, redness, and irritations from skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Other studies suggest that CBD can even restore the skin’s natural balance because of its neuro-regenerative and antioxidant properties (5, 6). 

CBD Cream for Pain

Several scientific studies have now shown that the topical application of CBD can help to reduce inflammation and pain.

A 2016 study concluded that:

topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviours and inflammation without evident side-effects. (11)

CBD Oil for Wrinkles

The antioxidant properties and neuro-regenerative properties of CBD oil may also assist in erasing visible signs of aging (7).

Therefore, by reversing the damages caused by free radicals and reducing the actions of inflammation, CBD can help to alleviate skin dullness, wrinkles, and ruddy skin tone.


There is growing evidence that CBD can limit the growth of keratinocytes.

These cells are responsible for speeding up the growth and division of skin cells and therefore causing much harm to your skin.

With CBD, you can regulate the skin’s growth cycle, which is vital for combating psoriasis (8).

CBD and Sensitive Skin

Because CBD oil soothes the skin, it is also great to use on sensitive skin.

High-quality organic CBD oils for skin products come with very few ingredients that could irritate your skin.

Whether you have a skin condition or not, everyone can benefit from adding these nutrient-rich oils to their beauty care regime…

Skin Cancer and CBD

Some studies have also shown that CBD may become a valid treatment for some cancer conditions, especially skin cancer.

One particular study showed a significant decrease in tumor size of mice with melanoma after several weeks of treatment with CBD cream (9).

Is CBD Good for Skin Rashes?

Because CBD oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, high quality skin products containing CBD extract can have a therapeutic effect on inflammatory skin diseases.

It helps to soothe the skin and limit the activation of inflammatory cytokines.

A study conducted in 2019 concluded that the topical administration of CBD ointment:

is a safe and effective non-invasive alternative to improve the quality of life in patients with some skin disorders, especially an inflammatory background. (10)

Our Favorite Organic CBD Oil Skincare Products

If you do a simple search, you will find several CBD oil brands with topical products for wrinkles, arthritis, rashes etc….

However, don't just select any old CBD skin product on the market. The highest quality CBD skin products are made from organic CBD oil and other organic ingredients. Many CBD products don't even contain cannabidiol, the active ingredient…

Always read the labels carefully before purchase. Go for products that contain ingredients such as phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, hemp extract oil, full-spectrum hemp extract, hemp CBD or organic CBD extract.

Note that hemp seed oil is not the same as CBD oil and only hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

To save you some time, we have selected three of our favorite brands of CBD skin products that can provide you with all of the excellent benefits outlined above….

Endoca – CBD Face and Body Oil

Endoca are a family-run company that was established in 2006. They were one of the first companies to sell CBD oil online.

They have a great CBD skincare range that includes hemp salves, balms, facial oils, body oils, body butter, natural deodorants and lip balms.

Their products are enriched with full-spectrum hemp extracts to help support healthy skin, with vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. They also use only the best organic food-grade ingredients.

Their CBD infused face and body oil formula, contains apricot oil that is lightweight and quickly absorbed to help calm and sooth dehydrated, cracked or irritated skin.

It contains less than 0.2% THC and has 30mg of CBD per ML.

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Joy Organics – CBD Sports Cream

The Joy Organics brand was family founded in 2018 and in 2020 they launched their first line of USDA organic certified CBD products.

Their range of CBD oil topicals includes an organic CBD salve, CBD bath bombs, a CBD sports cream, an unscented CBD cream and an organic CBD salve stick.

Their CBD sports cream is perfect for soothing sore muscles after a workout and for any stiff joints or arthritis that may be holding you back from doing what you love.

It contains 0.0% THC, 400mg of premium CBD extract (3.4mg of CBD per ML), menthol and camphor.

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Mana Artisan Botanics – CBD Balm

Mana Artisan Botanics is Hawaii's premiere CBD brand, with over 20 years of cannabis agriculture experience and legislative involvement.

Their high-quality products are artisan crafted in Kailua-Kona and they follow the traditional beliefs of the Hawaiian Islands.

Mana have three popular products in their topical skin care range, a Hawaiian CBD Balm, a Hemp Body Oil and a CBD Massage Oil.

Their Hawaiian CBD Balm contains phytocannabinoid-rich organic hemp, organic unrefined coconut oil and comfrey and plantain for their soothing effects.

This mix of herbs helps to minimizes sensitivity, maximize healing and reduce inflammatory responses for the skin and joints.

The addition of peppermint, lavendar and lemongrass provide an uplifting aroma and additional beneficial properties that support healthy skin growth and repair damaged skin.

This balm is rich in CBD, with 300mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract in every ounce (10mg of CBD per ML).

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CBD can do wonders for your skin and could be a great supplement to your existing skincare regime….

It's a good idea to start off slowly and carry out a skin patch test before using it on your body, because some people may be sensitive to particular ingredients like camphor and some essential oils. 

You may also want to talk to a dermatologist or skincare specialist to help you figure out the ideal CBD cream and topical for your situation.

Make sure you always go for high-quality product, preferably made from organic CBD extract and ingredients, like the ones we’ve shared with you above.

CBD skincare products are only going to increase in popularity over the coming years and at Organic CBD Oil Review we are proud to bring you the highest quality products on the market.

If you have any questions about CBD skin oils, CBD skin care products, CBD creams for pain or topicals, feel free to leave us a comment below – we would love to hear from you…


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